STKO for OpenSees

Courtesy of Onur Deniz Akan

Innovation Icon, blue lightblulb in a 6 sided figure



Mesh in STKO for OpenSees

The preprocessor features advanced CAD modeling tools, import-export of common CAD file formats, geometry repair tools, and provides a comprehensive set of meshing algorithms.

Python-based scripting interface

It is easily customizable via a python-based scripting interface, meaning that components can be easily specified and added to the standard document as required by the end-user.

Input files for OpenSees

Using the information that the user has input, it can then produce input files for OpenSees.


CAD Icon, blue box with three gray arrows pointing in the x, y, and z directions


Import-export of open file formats (STEP and IGES) | Curve modeling | Surface modeling | Solid modeling | Interface modeling

Mesh icon


Order: Linear | Quadratic, Quadratic-serendipity. Edge Seed: Uniform by divisions | Uniform by size | Biased by size and bias factor | Biased by number and bias factor | Dual-biased by size and bias factors. Algorithms: 2D un-structured for triangles and quadrilaterals, 3D un-structured for tetrahedrons, 2D structured for triangles and quadrilaterals, 3D structured for hexahedrons

properties icon, three cogs of different sizes


Materials: Uniaxial | nD Sections: Aggregator | Beam fiber-section | Shell layered-section

Conditions icon, grey circle with 3 blue arrows pointing at it


SP constraints | MP constraints | Loads | Uniform excitation pattern | Multi-support excitation pattern

Analysis Icon, magifying glass pointed towards a line graph


Static | Transient | Eigenvalues


Soil-Pile Interaction with advanced visualization algorithms

The postprocessor features all common visualization algorithms (edge/surface color map, volume rendering, iso-lines, iso-surfaces, vector plots, etc.). The postprocessor also includes advanced visualization algorithms for beam/column and shell elements equipped with discretized (fiber) cross-sections.

Python-scripts in STKO for OpenSees

Just like the preprocessor, it is easily customizable via a python-based scripting interface. Results can be extracted and manipulated using custom python-scripts, allowing the end-user to produce custom information.

HDF5 database library

STKO also uses the HDF5 database library, an efficient opensource third-party database library, for storing results. The MPCORecorder is a new recorder class for OpenSees that allows OpenSees to write results data in the format required by STKO.


File and database icon, blue database with a disk being pulled out


Save/Load existing postprocessor files (restore plots, charts, etc.) | Import single or multiple MPCO output databases

plot icon, multi-colored mesh


Deformed shape | Surface color map | Volume color map | Gauss-point plot | Beam/Shell fiber-section plot | Vector plot

chart icon, line chart


Extract data from database | Extract data from nodes | Extract data from gauss points | Extract data from fibers | Create 2D Charts

custom icon, html scripting tags


Python scripting interface | Add new user-defined components for preprocessing | Extend STKO built-in interfaces for OpenSees components

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