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A quick guide on how to install STKO and
basic troubleshooting
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STKO User Manual

Download and consult our STKO
OpenSees User Manual
STKO user manual icon, pdf with a paper clip

MPCO Documentation

Consult the MPCO Recorder

PyMPC Documentation Wiki

Python API Reference Manual
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STKO Forum

Take part in our STKO OpenSees Forum
and discuss your ideas or any issues you
may be having.
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OpenSees Verification & Validation

Download the verification tests
and learn about Benchmarking.
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Error List

Consult the Error List documentation


Helpful Videos

Learn OpenSees and STKO with these
videos and tutorials

STKO Example Files

Download our .scd example files and
train yourself

E-Learning Courses

Don't miss our monthly E-Learning courses
on STKO and OpenSees

Helpful References

A useful selection of reference materials
and papers citing STKO

University Courses

Watch courses about STKO hosted
at well-known universities

STKO Model Database

A collection models to download
and learn with
stko-opensees command list

STKO's Command list for
OpenSees 3.2.0

case studies

Case Studies

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