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Our Facebook page

The Asdeasoft Facebook page is operated by Asdea Software Technology on the technical platform of Facebook Ireland Ltd., 4m, Grand Canal Square, Grand Canal Harbour, Dublin 2 ("Facebook").
The following provides you with information on how data is processed on the Asdeasoft Facebook page and the information published by Facebook relating to the processing of personal data by Facebook.

Processing of data on the Asdeasoft Facebook page

Registered Facebook users may contact us directly on Facebook by clicking on the "Send Message" button. These messages are private and can be viewed only by Asdea Software Technology's Facebook page administrators. Personal data disclosed in such messages, including your name, profile picture, and other information given in the text of the message, are used solely to reply to your message. Comments and likes on our page or posts are governed by Facebook's privacy policy and the user's own privacy settings, and, therefore, Asdea Software Technology cannot be held responsible for any information you share through comments. Asdea Software Technology does not have any influence on Facebook's privacy policy or how they collect and share data, and cannot be held responsible for data shared when users utilize the interactive features. You can learn about Facebook's privacy settings and how to change them here.
Asdea Software Technology also uses the Facebook Insights function, which offers statistical information on the use of the AsdeaSoft Facebook page. This information is provided by Facebook and is addressed below.

Information from Facebook on processing of personal data

When a user visits AsdeaSoft's Facebook page, Facebook records details (shared with AsdeaSoftware through the Insights function) collected in connection with a visit to, or interaction by persons on or with, the AsdeaSoft Facebook page and its content. You can find details of the specific data collected here.
In compliance with the requirements of the GDPR, Facebook has defined here, that the site operator, Asdea Software Technology, is the joint controller together with Facebook Ireland. It is also confirmed that Facebook Ireland takes primary responsibility under the GDPR for processing of the data and is responsible for fulfilling obligations relating to the rights of data subjects.

You can find Facebook's Cookie Policy here.

Facebook's Data Policy can be viewed here.


Asdea Software Technology's official LinkedIn can be found here.

Asdea Software's official YouTube account can be found here.

Any content or opinions of accounts other than those specified as belonging to Asdea Software Technology are the responsibility of the individual author in question and do not reflect the opinion of Asdea Software Technology. Asdea Software Technology is not liable for such third-party content. Since social media posts may contain links, please note that Asdea Software Technology is not responsible for the content of websites it does not operate. Moreover, Asdea Software Technology cannot be held liable if the information provided on Asdea Software Technology's social media channels is incorrect or incomplete.
Our social media activities are geared toward our working hours, or standard business operating hours in Italy. Should you contact us through social media outside of normal business hours, we will get back to you as soon as we can the following business day.
For more information on LinkedIn's and YouTube's Privacy Policies, you can read more on their websites:

-LinkedIn: Privacy Policy

-Youtube: Privacy Policy


Data privacy policy for online meetings, telephone conferences and webinars via Zoom

We use Zoom tool to hold online presentations, online meetings, video conferences and/or webinars (subsequently referred to as “online meetings”). Zoom is a service provided by Zoom Video Communications, Inc., a company based in the USA.
Responsibility for data processing directly associated with the holding of online meetings is held by us, however, Zoom collects and processes user data according to their own Privacy Policy, which can be found here.

Processing of Zoom Data

A variety of data is processed when you use Zoom, but the scope of that data also depends on the information you provide before or during an online meeting. The following personal details constitute the data that is processed: User details: This includes the user name as well as an email address. This information is not verified and we do not store it. Chat messages: Chat messages to all participants or to the meeting hosts are saved.

Audio and video recordings:

MP4 files for all video, audio and presentation recordings. We do not record all online meetings, only our webinars. When a webinar is being recorded, you will be notified by Zoom. We share these recordings on our Youtube page and/or on our website or other social media sites so that others can benefit from the webinars. If you don't want to be recorded, you should leave the meeting when you receive the notification from Zoom and wait for us to release the video recording on our YouTube Channel. Please ensure that your name on Zoom is one you feel comfortable sharing, and that, should you decide to participate, you are comfortable having your likeness, voice, and name shared.

Scope of processing

We use Zoom to hold online meetings. As mentioned, only the webinar's are recorded and shared. The fact that you are being recorded is also displayed in the Zoom app. If it is necessary for purposes of recording the outcome of an online meeting, we will keep a record of chat content. However this is not generally the case. We may also process the questions asked by webinar participants for the purpose of recording webinars and conducting follow-up work. If you are registered as a user on Zoom reports from online meetings (meeting metadata, telephone dial-in details, questions and answers in webinars) can be stored for up to a month on “Zoom”. Automated decision-making in terms of Art. 22 GDPR does not apply.

Live Streaming:

We may make use of the opportunity to stream the online meetings on external platforms such as Facebook or YouTube. This will be communicated in advance on the sign-up page of the webinar.

Recipients / disclosure of data

Personal data that is processed in the context of attending “online meetings” is categorically not disclosed to third parties insofar as it is not specifically intended for disclosure. Please note that content from “online meetings”, as with face-to-face meetings, is frequently specifically for the purpose of communicating information with interested or third parties, and therefore intended for disclosure. Further recipients: The provider of “Zoom” is informed of the above data if necessary, insofar as this is planned within the terms of our order processing contract with “Zoom”.

Data processing outside the European Union

Zoom is a service performed by a provider in the USA. This means that processing of personal data is also being carried out in a third country. We have entered into an order processing contract with the provider of Zoom, which fulfils the requirements of Art. 28 GDPR. An appropriate level of data privacy is guaranteed, firstly through the “Privacy Shield” ertification provided by Zoom Video Communications, Inc., but also through the adoption of something known as the “EU standard contractual clauses”.


We may periodically change the terms of this policy by updating this page. Remember to visit it from time to time to review any changes. Last Policy Update: October 25, 2021.

If you have questions about your rights as a data subject you can:

– Consult our Privacy Policy

– Send us an e-mail:

– Write to us by mail: Asdea Software S.r.l, Via F.F. D'Avalos 66 - 65126 Pescara (PE) – Italy


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