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STKO (Scientific ToolKit for OpenSees) is a powerful pre and postprocessor and cutting- edge data visualization tool for OpenSees. By using STKO, a user can create a Tool Command Language (TCL) input file for Opensees and an output file readable by its graphic interface. The user can customize and manipulate the model input and output with a Python-based scripting interface to create customized engineering demand parameters and output data.
Consult our Introduction to STKO for OpenSees.
Asdea Software actively collaborates with world-renowned research institutions, see our STKO Collaborations Corner
Additional elements, material models, and solution strategies have been implemented in OpenSees, Watch the Video Presentation - DAMAGE TC3D

STKO Presentation

What Makes STKO so Innovative

STKO Command’s list for
OpenSees 3.2.0


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