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featured PhD researcher Ted Cross
Featured Researcher Ted Cross

Ted Cross is a Ph.D. researcher from the University of Bristol in the United Kingdom. Currently, ASDEA Software Technology is hosting several Ph.D. students who are completing research projects with STKO. During their time here with us, they receive direct modeling assistance and feedback from our team, including from Dr. Massimo Petracca and prof.[...]

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Presenting ASDEA Hardware
Presenting the Newest Addition: ASDEA Hardware

ASDEA Hardware is an ambitious new start-up that aims to provide innovative, high-quality sensors for structural health monitoring. The first product is MonStr, an advanced sensor network for structural health monitoring. MonStr and ASDEA Hardware began when[...]

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AsdeaSoft partners to offer course in Spanish
Asdea Software Partners with South American Universities

Asdea Software Technology is proud to announce a collaboration with the Pontifical Catholic University of Peru (PUCP)[...]
Asdea Software Technology se enorgullece de anunciar una colaboración con la Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú[...]

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AsdeaSoft sponsors research project watch the tests on livestream
Asdea Software Technology Sponsors Cutting-Edge Research Projects

On April 21st and 23rd, Asdea Software Technology will be livestreaming shake table tests from the Eucentre laboratories in Pavia on three innovative seismic isolation systems for non-structural[...]

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NEW Free Academic License
STKO Free Academic License

With the launch of STKO v2.0, our team announced the release of a new FREE Academic license.We realized we needed a simple and free license to allow students and others interested in the software the time to play around with the different features and learn the ins and out of the software.[...]

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STKO V2.0 is Here!

STKO release 2.0 opens whole new worlds of customization for STKdOers. Version 2.0 contains the long-awaited Python scripting interface for the pre and postprocessor. With the Python scripting interface in the preprocessor, users will be able to design geometries directly by coding them and attribute[...]

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Beam Diagram Plot
New Beam Diagram Plot in STKO

Have you heard about the NEW Beam Diagram Plot in STKO V1.1.5? STKO's post-processor now features the ever-green Beam-Diagram Plot. This tool supports both element forces (forces at the element ends) using a linear interpolation along the element, and section forces and deformations (at the gauss points)[...]

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Grant License Winners
Announcing the 2020 STKO Research Grant License Winners

While we have already announced the winners of our 2020 STKO Research License Initiative on Facebook and LinkedIn, we would be remiss not to also publish their names and research subjects on our site. Thus, we are proud to annouce the winners are as follows[...]

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Launching STKO Research Grant License Initiative
To Celebrate 1,000 STKO Users...

To celebrate this milestone, we are announcing the STKO Research Grant License Initiative. With this initiative, we hope to support student research in the field of seismic engineering. The best 5 student research proposals will win a one-year STKO Academic/[...]

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AsdeaSoft Supports E-Commerce

At AsdeaSoft, we are always working to improve our customers’ experience when purchasing our software products. To make the purchase process for STKO easier we have upgraded our website to feature an eCommerce platform.Now, to purchase an STKO license, customers[...]

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Asdea Software at CINPAR 2020

CINPAR 2020 (International Conference on Structural Repair and Rehabilitation), an online conference, will be hosted from Porto (Portugal), from the 13th to the 15th of July 2020. AsdeaSoft is one of the sponsors of the online event, which is also supported by several noteworthy institutions.[...]

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OpenSees 2019
Asdea Software goes to OpenSees Days EURASIA

After participating the First European Conference on Opensees in Porto, Portugal in June 2017 AsdeaSoftware is very proud to participate to the first Eurasian Conference on Opensees, 20-21 June, 2019 hosted by the Hong Kong Polytechnic University[...]

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software for OpenSees
STKO Beta version is finally ready!

From 3 May 2019, Asdea Software launched STKO (Scientific Toolkit for OpenSees). STKO is a powerful pre and post processor and cutting-edge data visualization tool for Opensees. By using STKO a user can create a Tool Command Language (TCL) input file for Opensees and an output file [...]

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Earthquake is not a mattero of luck
Earthquake is not a matter of Luck

Earthquake is not a matter of luck Alessandra Marini and concepts of Awareness, Responsibility, and Action Earthquake is not a matter of Luck. During the TEDxBrescia event, Eng. Prof. Alessandra Marini (University of Bergamo)talks about the issue of Earthquakes in Italy[...]

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STKO Launch
STKO pre and postprocessor for OpenSees

Asdea Soft presented in Porto (Portugal) STKO - the pre and post processor for Opensees - FIRST RELEASE AVAILABLE IN SEPTEMBER The first European Conference on Opensees took place in Porto on the 19th and 20th of June.[...]

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OpenSees Days 2017
OpenSees Days 2017

FIRST EUROPEAN CONFERENCE ON OPENSEES Opensees Day Europe 2017 The First European Conference on OpenSees Days will take place on 19-20 June 2017 at the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Porto, Portugal. Asdea Software will take part in the conference which aims to[...]

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Consolidation Design with Geoforce

GeoForceOne provides advanced and comprehensive tools to strengthen and analyze reinforced concrete, prestressed concrete, timber and masonry structural members. Thanks to our team of academic researchers, [...]

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