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ASDEA, Asdea Software, and Asdea Hardware: Three Companies, One Story

Asdea Advanced Structural Design & Analysis began in 2009 as an engineering company. Founded by academic researchers, the company sought to use a multidisciplinary approach by hiring engineers, academic researchers, computer scientists, architects, and others to provide our customers with highly technologically innovative solutions in the field of structural engineering. To meet this goal and satisfy our customers, Asdea branched out, and in 2017, Asdea Software was born.

Asdea Soft’s goal is to further satisfy our customers’ needs by providing innovative software solutions for numerical simulation and data visualization. Our multidisciplinary team has decades of national and international experience in their fields. Our approach ensures that our software integrates high-quality software solutions with cutting-edge science and research.

The next step was obvious, and in 2021, we are excited to announce the creation of Asdea Hardware. This company will bridge the gap between our engineering work and our software for numerical simulations (like STKO) by offering integrated hardware for structural health monitoring.

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Great Team Synergy

Asdea Software is no ordinary software company. We don’t have to try to predict what engineers working in the field need from their software because we know it firsthand. Asdea software works directly with the engineering branch of ASDEA when developing software.

The engineering branch of ASDEA has decades of significant international work and experience. We provide geotechnical and structural design, finite element analysis, construction management, and seismic risk assessments. Working in engineering and software development creates a synergy that allows us to develop software that works.

Collaboration driven by Passion

Strength in numbers! ASDEA also believes in creating a strong spirit of team collaboration and we have worked hard to create partnerships with countries, individuals, and companies around the world. We are committed to helping our clients and partners bring their projects to life, with the hope of unleashing technological progress for tomorrow’s world.

Asdea Software actively collaborates with world-renowned research institutions; see our STKO Collaborations Corner for more information.

Promoting Learning

We believe in the potential of OpenSees in the field of teaching and seismic engineering. In developing STKO, one of our main goals was to create a program that could make OpenSees easier to use and more accessible.

Last fall, to support research in the field of Seismic Engineering, we gave the 5 best student research proposals a free one-year STKO Academic/Research License.
Read about the 2020 winners Here.

This year, we decided to created a FREE version of the program available for all! Learn more Here.

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